With Stryder entering the world of refrigerated freight, a.k.a. “the cold chain”, we thought we’d give you a little backstory about how reefers factor into the supply chain for consumers everywhere.

“Reefer” or “reefer trailer” are common terms used in the trucking industry for refrigerated containers and trailer units. They differ from dry van trailers in that they are usually made from metal or fiberglass instead of wood to create optimal insulation. Think of them like a giant fridge on wheels!

They are equipped with their own refrigeration power units, air-tight doors, and insulated walls to keep perishable goods fresh as they travel to your nearest grocery store. Perishable items moved in reefers often include meat, dairy and seafood products, pharmaceuticals, and freshly picked fruit and vegetables. Other goods such as flowers, sensitive electronics, hazardous materials, and even some artworks are also required to be under constantly cool temperatures while being transported.

Reefers are specifically designed to maintain the temperature of the freight at the time it is loaded into the unit, so that it arrives in the exact same condition at the receiver without spoiling or losing quality during the trip. Some reefers can also produce multiple temperature zones at once, giving the option of moving perishables with different refrigeration requirements within the same trailer. For cryogenic transport, they can get as cold as -150°C!

With their powerful systems and sleek look, reefer trailers are truly one of the coolest types of equipment in trucking.

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