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Stryder is proud to provide a true consolidated services platform for all your beverage needs. From Transportation and Warehousing across the Pacific Northwest to dedicated beverage re-packing solutions, we’ve got you covered on all bases.

Experience the Stryder Advantage:

  • Ample Warehousing Space: With 1.3 million ft² across Western Canada and the U.S., Stryder offers versatile solutions for repacking and storage.
  • Cutting-edge Production: Our advanced equipment ensures swift output, precision, and top-tier quality control. We outpace co-packing competitors in Vancouver and Calgary.
  • Trained Workforce, Premium Care: Trust Stryder’s expertly trained team to handle your product with the utmost quality standards. Our modern machinery is meticulously maintained for your peace of mind.
  •  Comprehensive Services: Stryder’s Consolidated Service Model (CSM) goes beyond repacking. Experience a holistic approach encompassing Transportation, Warehousing, and Logistics.
  • Diverse Clientele, Consistent Excellence: From Fortune 500 giants to local breweries, Stryder’s scalability and unwavering service standards have delighted clients since 2005.
  • Strategic Locations: Our Repacking centers near vital transit routes in Vancouver and Calgary ensure seamless shipping, storage, and receiving for our valued clients.
Stryder MotorFreight Canada inside-warehouse Re-Packing

Streamlined Repackaging Solutions in Vancouver and Calgary

Discover Stryder’s all-inclusive repackaging services, designed exclusively for the Beverage Industry. As an integrated supply chain provider, we provide:

  • Variety Packs
  • Automated and Manual Repackaging
  • Diverse Packaging Formats
  • Specialized Promotional
  • Repackaging
  • Seamless Warehousing, Transportation, and Distribution
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • Commodity-Specific Expertise

Beverage Logistics

In the beverage industry, we know that production schedules can change in an instant. Our highly experienced team of experts at Logic-ology Logistics, our sister company, will plan ahead to ensure that there are no disruptions to your services, booking all appointments on your behalf, working through 3rd party tendering platforms and updating your shippers and receivers of business changes in real-time.

The Logic-ology team’s extensive knowledge of equipment requirements and shipper specifications is second to none and guarantees that you’ll always have the right equipment at your door – or we’ll move the first load for free!

Contact us for all your Logistics needs and have access to thousands of partners and carriers across the globe.

Beverage Warehousing

Our cutting-edge warehouses offer secure storage for your beverage products. Since 1989, these facilities have been the cornerstone of our asset-based Transportation group in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Our Journey to Excellence:

  • Origins in Excellence: Our first warehouse was established to provide Molson’s Canada with a true Just In Time supply chain solution. Over 30+ years, we’ve refined this model, serving global industry leaders in beverage and packaging.
  • Ample, Certified Space: With over 1.5 million sq. ft. of Food Grade Certified storage, our warehouses support seamless cross docking and transloading at all locations.
  • Service-Driven Approach: Our commitment to customized solutions is evident through the numerous service awards from our clients in the beverage and packaging sectors.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business!

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