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Community Connections

At Stryder, we are committed to supporting the community that supports us. Involving ourselves with sporting events, non-profit organizations, and local programs are just a few examples of how we give back to our community. We stand behind making a difference, doing so through environmental initiatives, charity sponsoring, raising awareness for regional support groups, and much more.

Discover the community initiatives we are proud to support!

The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada

As a proud sponsor of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada (WTFC), Stryder supports a network of women created for women to empower, expand, and retain the employment of women in the industry. Through shifting attitudes and supporting issues around safety, career progression, education, mentoring, and more, Stryder actively contributes to the inclusivity of women in the trucking industry.

Established in 2015, the WTFC has developed a significant and loyal membership of women and men, from drivers to carrier executives, and is dedicated to driving the federations future growth.

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“Truck Spotting” w. Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

Stryder and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice are proud to present the “Truck Spotting” mobile visual awareness campaign, where photos and messages have been placed on trucks and trailers that will travel as far south as Oregon and as far east as Manitoba.

As North America’s first free-standing children’s hospice, Canuck Place is dedicated to providing pediatric palliative care for youth with progressive life-threatening illnesses.

SEMO Foundation

Stryder is one of the primary sponsors of the SEMO Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to raising awareness and support for local registered charities. Donations go towards disadvantaged individuals and families who need a helping hand when it comes to food, clothing, and shelter.

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CIBC Run for the Cure

As a proud participant and sponsor of the CIBC Run for the Cure, Stryder is doing its part to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Canada’s largest single-day, volunteer-led event provides participants with the choice of a 5-km run or a 1-km walk, all in support of breast cancer awareness and treatment.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation

In support of the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, Stryder proudly participated as a donor in the foundation’s 20th annual Strathmore Poker Run and “Shave Your Lid for a Kid” 2019 event in support of children and their families impacted by cancer.
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Bottled Water for Interior BC Flood Victims

Following the devastating 2017 floods in BC’s interior, Stryder partnered with Nestle Waters Canada to donate over 2,000 cases of bottled water to hospitals and residential care facilities.

Water for Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Stryder and Nestle Waters Canada partnered up to donate over 14,000 cases of bottled water to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s Burnaby location! Founded in 1983, the GVFB provides assistance to over 28,000 individuals weekly, helping to address immediate needs associated with food insecurity.
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Green Strydes

Through a commitment to make “Green Strydes”, Stryder is dedicated to being environmentally aware and responsible. Latest-model trucks, electric tow motors, and drag-reducing skirts are just a few of the initiatives employed to reduce Stryder’s carbon footprint. Discover how Stryder is contributing to a greener future for the planet.

Stryder Wins Nestlé Waters Canada’s 2016 Customer Service Excellence Award

Stryder is proud to be the recipient of the 2016 Customer Service Excellence Award, presented by Nestlé Waters Canada, and is looking forward to providing many more years of industry-leading customer service to partners at Nestlé and the residents of Canada!
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Stryder at the APNA Truck Show

The Stryder team met and mingled with visitors from all over the industry at the 2017, 2019, & 2022 APNA Truck Shows, Western Canada’s most popular Trucking Convention!

Stryder showed off some exciting feature trucks, brought on new members to Team HorsePower, and shook hands with many great people.

Stryder Acquires Sustainable Logistics LLC

Stryder Logistics Inc., a division of the Stryder group of companies, acquired Sustainable Logistics LLC, an Oregon-based national logistics brokerage firm, in May of 2019.

Stryder is thrilled to be joining forces with the talented team at Sustainable Logistics under a single banner, and is equally excited to collaborate with a whole new network of carriers, customers, and individuals going forward.

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Coca-Cola Canada’s 2017 Supplier of the Year Nominee & Finalist!

Stryder is pleased to announce its nomination for Coca-Cola Canada’s 2017 Supplier of the Year Award and would like to congratulate fellow nominees and winners!


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Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Campaign

Stryder paired up with advertising subsidiary, 360 Media, to donate to the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCMSAR) campaign.

Based out of Sooke, BC, this campaign space was donated to increase awareness of RCMSAR in the Lower Mainland.

Mike Cassidy Legacy Cystic Fibrosis Golf Tournament

Stryder is proud to be one of the main sponsors of the Mike Cassidy Legacy Cystic Fibrosis Golf Tournament, the largest privately generated source of funds for Cystic Fibrosis Canada in British Columbia, raising over $2.5 million.

This charity golf tournament honors the legacy of Mike Cassidy, who founded the event in 1992 and passed away in 2010.

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