When it comes to our extraordinary times, it’s important to remember the extraordinary heroes. That’s why from now on, we’re dedicating our weekly shout-outs to the people all over who step up to the front lines every day to help our communities fight through the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what we’re doing to pitch in for own people and beyond. Whether you’re a truck driver hauling a load of clean water and food to a grocery store, or a nurse working at care centers, testing and treating as many sick people as possible in a single day, we salute you – bus drivers, grocery clerks, cashiers, couriers, warehouse crews, and so many more who are striding on. We’re passing along our cheers and shouts to these unsung heroes, who have taken the lead for the benefit of all.

On that note, a lot of you may be seeing our trucks out on the highway and our staff heading into work during the COVID-19 lockdown. That’s because we’ve been designated as an essential service provider for some of the largest grocery suppliers and manufacturers in the country that you see on your daily errand to the store, shipping items such as food, water, and packaging for consumable goods. Now more than ever, we’re kicking it into gear to ensure that supplies are reaching families across the Pacific Northwest. Thank You to the “Stryders” out there, from our family to yours, who are powering on for our communities around the world. And if you see a big red horse riding down a road near you, don’t forget to wave to the hero at the reigns.