As part of our Fight Against COVID-19 series, take a peek at the new cleaning measures we’ve taken to protect our drivers and staff in our new video. Ever since our genesis in 1989, the health and safety of our employees has been our number one priority. While we continue to ride through these unprecedented times as an essential service provider, we also want to provide a full update about what we’re doing at Stryder to combat COVID-19 in every company workplace – whether that’s behind the wheel, on the warehouse floor, or in the office:

  • We have procured sanitizing supplies for our teams everywhere such as disposable gloves, spray bottles filled with virucide disinfecting fluid, and paper towel rolls that are being shipped out as needed for refills/restock.
  • We will continue to procure disinfecting and protective materials for future preparations against COVID-19 as they are available.
  • Offices, warehouse facilities, and equipment are being cleaned and disinfected daily.
  •  A supply of hand sanitizer is expected to arrive within the coming week.
  • We are well-stocked for immediate and future needs to keep our work environments and employees safe, including contingency supplies, should we need them.
  • Protective face covers have been sourced for all staff, in preparation for any federal, provincial, or state-wide requirements that may be passed in the near future, and as an additional safety measure.

We are extremely proud and grateful for the dedication all of our employees and contractors continue to demonstrate through this period of uncertainty, and we take pride in being one of the companies providing these critical services of storing and transporting essential goods through this crisis to serve our communities across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.